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Monday, 17 February 2014

Review No. 8: Meganebu!

 Description: Meganebu is exactly what the title means, a glasses club. The 12 episodes focus on the activities and mischief the members of the glasses club get up to at school. And sometimes at home.

What I think about it: Going into this anime, I got exactly what I was expecting; a hilarious comedy that tickled my sense of humor and did nothing for my intellect. This is one of those anime. You know, the ones we watch when there is nothing else to watch and then come out of it having totally enjoyed the show. It was thoroughly entertaining and I do not regret the time spent watching it.

 Character Analysis: There are 5 members of the glasses club; 4 actual members and 1 provisional member.

Akira Souma - The leader of the club, he is the craziest of the lot. He does things spontaneously and has such a charismatic smile that most of the Meganebu are in love with him. He has an awesome personality and I can totally see why the other members of the club think that he walks on sunshine. Figuratively.

Yukiya Minabe - Akira's right-hand-man. He is the genius in charge of making Akira's dream come true (X-ray glasses). He goes along with Akira's ,often completely nonsensical, plans and somehow manages to make them work. He is a cool Tsundere personality type. I love him!

 Takuma Hachimine - The resident airhead. Takuma is only concerned with cream puffs. He goes along with the rest of the club because it's fun. He has a calm, cool personality. Similar to Yukiya but lacking all of the brain that goes with him. Overall, I think he was also one of my absolute favourite characters in this anime.

 Mitsuki Kamatani -  He is the shota character. He's clearly in love with Akira and lives to follow him about. Mitsuki can be annoying but cute most of the times. He also enjoys harassing Hayato the most.

 Hayato Kimata - He is the provisional member of the Megane club. He's not considered a full member because he uses fake glasses. He is also the one the other members pick on (mostly Mitsuki). He also tries the hardest to remain a member of the club because of all the teasing and such. He's helpful (at least he likes to think so) but no one ever pays any attention to him.

 Possible Pairings: (All of these are BL)

Conclusion: 4/5 stars. It was entertaining and I quite liked it. I might watch it again some time.