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Monday, 24 October 2016

Review No. 14: White Christmas

Description: The most prestigious school in Korea is located on a remote mountain side, only the most brilliant students attend this school. One year, during the winter break, 6 students decide to remain at the school for their own reasons. The main character stayed back at the school because of an anonymous letter he received that sounded like a threat. Soon, the 6 students discover that they have all been sent this letter and they must unravel the mystery surrounding it if they hope to stay alive for the new school term.

What I think about it:
Plot: It draws you in from the very beginning. This one is a wonderfully mysterious thriller but at the same time not too scary for me. I enjoyed it for the most part. For an 8 episode drama, it was really well done.

Since this was a very short drama, I will not go into too much detail. I don't want to accidentally spoil anything for those of us who have not seen it yet.
 The characters were well developed and brought to life by the skills of these actors. I enjoyed getting to know each one of them.
 My favorite character was Yun Su.

The Ending: This took an unexpected turn. I'm not sure if I liked it or hated it. I definitely want a sequel of this though. I feel like the story is a bit unfinished.

In Conclusion: I give this drama a 3.5 / 5 stars. I liked it a lot and would recommend it. However, it's not something I'd put on my to re-watch list. Once was enough, I think.

Thursday, 15 September 2016

Review No. 13: W; Two Worlds


Description: W is the story of a character who winds up in the middle of a manhwa. Oh Yeon Joo is a doctor who is estranged from her father. One day, she goes to visit him at his workshop and bam! She gets transported into the world of a certain manhwa. From there the story twist and turns into a majestic work of art. Each episode in this k drama is almost an hour long, be prepared to sit down and be immersed into the world of W. 

What I think about it:
Plot: Fast paced, engrossing, entertaining and so beautiful. I loved it so much. There was never a dull moment while watching this drama.


Oh Yeon Joo; Actress- Han Hyo Joo
This actress knows how to keep my attention. Normally, the female characters tend to get on my nerves after a few episodes. Oh Yeon Joo was such a wonderfully portrayed character. I didn't once think that she was annoying. I stuck around for the entire show and that's saying something! I definitely have to learn more about her.

Kang Chul; Actor- Lee Jong Suk
As always, Lee Jong Suk has impressed me again. I absolutely enjoyed his role as Kang Chul. I look forward to seeing more from him in the future.

Yoon So Hee; Actress- Jeong Eu Gene

Yoon So Hee, the manhwa's main female lead. I liked seeing her when we got a scene with her. I would have liked it even more if she was given a bigger part of the drama. :')

Seo Do Yoon; Actor- Lee Tae Hwan

Honestly, he's my favorite side character at the moment. I wish he'd had a bigger role. Maybe that's just me wanting to stare at him more. Lol. I need to see more dramas with him,

The Ending:
  I did not see it coming. At all. /is in shock/

My Conclusion: I loved this drama to pieces. It was an awesome plot with an amazing cast. I cannot believe it is over already. :( I give this one a 5/5 stars. This is my favorite drama of the year so far.

Please tell me what show would you guys like me to review next. Also, what did you think of W? Like it? Hate it? Leave your comments down below~