Saturday, 8 March 2014

Review No. 9: 07-Ghost

Description: Teito is taking the final exam to become a part of the Army. After the exam he overhears something that traumatizes him and triggers a long forgotten memory. He attacks one of the examiners as a result and is taken into custody. With the help of his best friend, Mikage, Teito escapes. Where will he go now? Will Mikage be alright without him? That remains to be seen.

What I think about it: The title of this anime is misleading, it has nothing to do with ghosts in the traditional sense of the word. The plot stretches through 25 episodes and everything is building up to the last few episodes. As such, at times it felt as if the anime was dragging on. This isn't such a con, however, as I quite enjoyed getting to know the characters better. There was a lot of action and I was fully gripped by the beautiful visuals.

Sound: The music wasn't really memorable but it fit with the story. It was all very appropriate and the sound effects served to heighten the pleasure of viewing this anime.

Character Analysis:

Teito-  Apathetic (sometimes) and absolutely cute! Teito is adorable and I'm not the only one who thinks so. (Frau thinks so too, I'm sure).

Mikage- Teito's best friend. Mikage is loyal to Teito, he always comes to Teito's aid whenever he is in need. I loved him.

Frau- There's only one word needed to describe him; pervert. Underneath this exterior he is kind and helpful. Unfortunately, Teito will always think of him as a pervert.

Castor- I think of him as the father of the group. He always looks out for the others but he takes delight in hitting Frau for his pervertedness. He's strict but nice at the same time. And he makes life sized dolls and their clothing.

Labrador- The mother hen of the group. He worries about everyone and is almost always smiling. He's the calm, reassuring one in this trio. I adore him! It also doesn't hurt that he's voiced by the same voice actor as Murata Ken from Kyou Kara Maoh.

Ayanami- He is the best villian ever! He's cruel and ruthless. I don't like him very much but I must admit that he's very good at being evil.

Possible Pairings: (these are all BL)


Conclusion: 4/5 Stars. I enjoyed getting to know the characters and the action was captivating. I'll watch it again someday. Why isn't there a sequel?

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