Friday, 20 December 2013

Review # 4: No. 6

 Shion lives in a 'perfect' place known as No. 6. Nothing is wrong with it, there's no crime, no trouble to get jobs, nothing disgusting at all, even the streets are clean. Shion's life changes when he saves the life of a criminal, Nezumi. The government take away all of his 'rights' and moves him and his mother to a place called 'Lost Town'.
 Years later, Shion is accused of murder. Nezumi returns to save him and the story goes from there.

 What I think about it:
 Simply put, this anime is BL (Boys' Love). It's not classified as yaoi or shounen-ai but it's definitely there. I think you'd have to be blind or really naive not to see it. The characters even confess but naturally the other character ignores it or things go on behind the scenes that we don't see. This is great material for fanfiction, to any of my readers who like fanfiction.
 The plot moved slowly and you have to be really paying attention to catch the information of this world but since it's only 11 episodes I guess you could say it's kinda fast? Nevertheless, I enjoyed it. It was a light, fluffy thing to watch after I tried to watch a really emotional anime and failed. Maybe you'll enjoy it, give it a try.



Shion- He's clueless and quite helpless. He's obviously the uke and it's really cute. Although, I suppose he could be the seme too. But I prefer to think of him as the uke. 


Nezumi- He's a bad boy. And as with all or most bad boys he's good at heart. Despite his snarky attitude. He's clearly in love with Shion but as Shion is such a dolt he can't see it. It's only evident to us. Poor Nezumi............

The Ending: It could have been more dramatic but, oh well. It was as dramatic as it could have gotten, I suppose. More fanfiction material.

Conclusion: 4/5 stars, I enjoyed it and I might watch it again some day but it wasn't blow my socks off amazing.

Friday, 6 December 2013

Anime Review # 3: Uchouten Kazoku

 Humor me for a moment, there are three kinds of inhabitants in Kyoto; humans, tanuki (raccoon dogs) and tengu. Are you with me so far?
 Good. The main character, Yasaburo, is the third son of the Shimogamo tanuki family. His father, Souichirou, was the head of the tanuki community until he was eaten by a group of humans.
 This short anime follows Yasaburo as he discovers the real truth of his father's death.

What I think about it: From the very first episode Uchouten Kazoku pulls us into the story. I couldn't stop watching after the first episode. Okay, wait, I don't think this anime is for everyone but if you're looking for something short and relaxing but filled with emotion then this is one for you.

 Character Analysis (meet a really, really messed up family):

 (Father) Souichirou: Eaten by humans but was a great tanuki leader before his death. We really didn't see much of him but his character was very laid back for a leader.

 (Mother) : I don't think we ever learned her name or I missed it while I was watching it. She's pretty normal except that she cross-dresses sometimes to play billiard. She loves all her children unconditionally. I really like her.

 (1st son) Yaichiro: He's Souichirou's heir and is trying to win a tanuki elections to become the leader of the tanuki like his father before him. He's a wonderful character.

 (2nd son) Yajiro: He's a frog living in a well. No, seriously, he is. People go to the well to make wishes and ask his advice. He........I feel sorry for him most of the time. He made me cry in episode 8, be warned.

 (3rd son) Yasaburo: He is the idiot son. He just wants to live an enjoyable life. I enjoyed his point of view.

 (Youngest son) Yashiro: He's really cute!

 Ebisugawa Family: Kaisei is nice. I don't like her brothers or her father. They're just so meddlesome.

Professor Akadama: He taught Yasaburo and his brothers, except the youngest. He's a retired tengu, his back was injured and now he can't fly. He's really quite selfish!

Benten: She was also taught by Akadama, although she's human. She likes to eat tanuki!! I don't like her she gives me the creeps!!!

Conclusion: It's a 4 out of 5 stars, you should definitely give it a shot!

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Friday, 22 November 2013

Review No. 2: Kuuchuu Buranko

 Since I was already in the K area I decided to check out a short anime that peaked my interest. Yes, you guessed right; Kuuchuu Buranko. It's only 11 episodes, so why not?

 Description: There's a colorful alternative version of Tokyo and Irabu Ichiro is a psychiatrist living there. He has patients who come to him  for counselling, obviously. Ichiro, however, is perhaps stranger than his patients. Or at least his patients think so. He wears a bear head mask and can change his appearance from an adult to a child at will. Despite his......personality, he always manages to help his patients.

 What I think about it: At first I didn't want to watch it because the animation style is one I don't usually like. It's really a colorful city, sometimes things (people) become 3-d and there are cardboard people walking all over. Despite all of this, it's an enjoyable anime, in fact it's quite funny. You just have to give it chance. I think you should be a teen or older to watch this though, so yeah.........take that how you will.
                                      All the patients are connected to each other somehow and everything takes place within the same time frame (the same week, I think). It all works out neatly in the end.

Irabu Ichiro: Eccentric would be a word to describe him. He gets really excited when it's time to give injections and he has a funny laugh so prepare yourself. I was totally freaked out by the bear suit in the first episode but I got used to it eventually.

My conclusion: This one gets a 3.5 out of 5 stars, it's worth a watch if only to relieve your stress. :)

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Friday, 15 November 2013

Kuroshitsuji (Black Butler) I and II Review

 Let's see, we need a description first for those readers who don't know anything about this anime.
 Kuroshitsuji is the story of a twelve year old boy, Ciel Phantomhive, who assumes the title of Lord Phantomhive after his parents' death. With his Demon Butler, Sebastian, at his side Ciel resolves issues for the Queen as her Guard Dog while he searches for the ones who murdered his parents. Ciel is out for revenge and he won't stop until he gets it. This story is set in the Victorian Era Europe.

Okay, on with the review!
  It starts off slow with tea drinking and business meetings but have no fear, the action picks up as the show goes on. I love the dark, mysterious nature of this anime. It's addictive.

 Character Assessment (I'll be brief because I don't like when people ramble on and I'm lost halfway in their explanation)

Ciel Phantomhive- A bossy, brat that we can't help but love. His cuteness only adds to his charms.

Sebastian Michaelis- One Hell of a butler. He can keep his cool and worry about being late making dinner in the most ridiculous situations (I mean life-threatening). He has a delightfully wicked smirk. He adores cats! I love this character!

Elizabeth- Ciel's wife-to-be. I don't like her, I think she was an unnecessary character but that's probably because I like Ciel so much. I think she was really too childish but she is a child so I really can't fault her for it.

Lau- Never knows what's going on but makes it his business to butt in anyway.

Undertaker- Creepy but likable once you get used to him.

Grell Sutcliffe- He's a cool character especially since he harasses Sebastian and lives with minimal damage.

Bard, Meirin and Finny- Comic relief and the protectors of the mansion

Prince Soma- Wears his heart on his sleeve. It's entertaining to say the least.

Agni- Faithfully serves Prince Soma

Season 2

I really don't think you should watch it unless you really, really, really, really want to see more of Ciel and Sebastian.

Alois Trancy- I disliked him on sight but after a while I began to feel sorry for him.

Claude Faustus- Evil to the core. Not even cool about it, he's just, eeek!! Creepy.

Hannah- Urgh, I'm not even going to say anymore. Just, ewwwwww!!!!!!!!!

Conclusion: Watch the first season not the second one. It's an awesome anime!
Yes, I know I left out some characters. These are the most important in my opinion.
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