Friday, 20 December 2013

Review # 4: No. 6

 Shion lives in a 'perfect' place known as No. 6. Nothing is wrong with it, there's no crime, no trouble to get jobs, nothing disgusting at all, even the streets are clean. Shion's life changes when he saves the life of a criminal, Nezumi. The government take away all of his 'rights' and moves him and his mother to a place called 'Lost Town'.
 Years later, Shion is accused of murder. Nezumi returns to save him and the story goes from there.

 What I think about it:
 Simply put, this anime is BL (Boys' Love). It's not classified as yaoi or shounen-ai but it's definitely there. I think you'd have to be blind or really naive not to see it. The characters even confess but naturally the other character ignores it or things go on behind the scenes that we don't see. This is great material for fanfiction, to any of my readers who like fanfiction.
 The plot moved slowly and you have to be really paying attention to catch the information of this world but since it's only 11 episodes I guess you could say it's kinda fast? Nevertheless, I enjoyed it. It was a light, fluffy thing to watch after I tried to watch a really emotional anime and failed. Maybe you'll enjoy it, give it a try.



Shion- He's clueless and quite helpless. He's obviously the uke and it's really cute. Although, I suppose he could be the seme too. But I prefer to think of him as the uke. 


Nezumi- He's a bad boy. And as with all or most bad boys he's good at heart. Despite his snarky attitude. He's clearly in love with Shion but as Shion is such a dolt he can't see it. It's only evident to us. Poor Nezumi............

The Ending: It could have been more dramatic but, oh well. It was as dramatic as it could have gotten, I suppose. More fanfiction material.

Conclusion: 4/5 stars, I enjoyed it and I might watch it again some day but it wasn't blow my socks off amazing.

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