Friday, 15 November 2013

Kuroshitsuji (Black Butler) I and II Review

 Let's see, we need a description first for those readers who don't know anything about this anime.
 Kuroshitsuji is the story of a twelve year old boy, Ciel Phantomhive, who assumes the title of Lord Phantomhive after his parents' death. With his Demon Butler, Sebastian, at his side Ciel resolves issues for the Queen as her Guard Dog while he searches for the ones who murdered his parents. Ciel is out for revenge and he won't stop until he gets it. This story is set in the Victorian Era Europe.

Okay, on with the review!
  It starts off slow with tea drinking and business meetings but have no fear, the action picks up as the show goes on. I love the dark, mysterious nature of this anime. It's addictive.

 Character Assessment (I'll be brief because I don't like when people ramble on and I'm lost halfway in their explanation)

Ciel Phantomhive- A bossy, brat that we can't help but love. His cuteness only adds to his charms.

Sebastian Michaelis- One Hell of a butler. He can keep his cool and worry about being late making dinner in the most ridiculous situations (I mean life-threatening). He has a delightfully wicked smirk. He adores cats! I love this character!

Elizabeth- Ciel's wife-to-be. I don't like her, I think she was an unnecessary character but that's probably because I like Ciel so much. I think she was really too childish but she is a child so I really can't fault her for it.

Lau- Never knows what's going on but makes it his business to butt in anyway.

Undertaker- Creepy but likable once you get used to him.

Grell Sutcliffe- He's a cool character especially since he harasses Sebastian and lives with minimal damage.

Bard, Meirin and Finny- Comic relief and the protectors of the mansion

Prince Soma- Wears his heart on his sleeve. It's entertaining to say the least.

Agni- Faithfully serves Prince Soma

Season 2

I really don't think you should watch it unless you really, really, really, really want to see more of Ciel and Sebastian.

Alois Trancy- I disliked him on sight but after a while I began to feel sorry for him.

Claude Faustus- Evil to the core. Not even cool about it, he's just, eeek!! Creepy.

Hannah- Urgh, I'm not even going to say anymore. Just, ewwwwww!!!!!!!!!

Conclusion: Watch the first season not the second one. It's an awesome anime!
Yes, I know I left out some characters. These are the most important in my opinion.
Please leave comments and tell me what I should review next.

Disclaimer: Most of the ideas in this post are my opinion, feel free to have your own. All the characters belong to their rightful owner/s, I own nothing but my thoughts.


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