Friday, 22 November 2013

Review No. 2: Kuuchuu Buranko

 Since I was already in the K area I decided to check out a short anime that peaked my interest. Yes, you guessed right; Kuuchuu Buranko. It's only 11 episodes, so why not?

 Description: There's a colorful alternative version of Tokyo and Irabu Ichiro is a psychiatrist living there. He has patients who come to him  for counselling, obviously. Ichiro, however, is perhaps stranger than his patients. Or at least his patients think so. He wears a bear head mask and can change his appearance from an adult to a child at will. Despite his......personality, he always manages to help his patients.

 What I think about it: At first I didn't want to watch it because the animation style is one I don't usually like. It's really a colorful city, sometimes things (people) become 3-d and there are cardboard people walking all over. Despite all of this, it's an enjoyable anime, in fact it's quite funny. You just have to give it chance. I think you should be a teen or older to watch this though, so yeah.........take that how you will.
                                      All the patients are connected to each other somehow and everything takes place within the same time frame (the same week, I think). It all works out neatly in the end.

Irabu Ichiro: Eccentric would be a word to describe him. He gets really excited when it's time to give injections and he has a funny laugh so prepare yourself. I was totally freaked out by the bear suit in the first episode but I got used to it eventually.

My conclusion: This one gets a 3.5 out of 5 stars, it's worth a watch if only to relieve your stress. :)

Please comment, I'd really like to know what you guys would like me to review next.

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