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Review No. 6: Kyo Kara Maoh Seasons I, II and III

  Description: Yuuri Shibuya is a normal high school student. One day, he gets sucked down a toilet bowl and into another world where he is the Maoh (Demon King).  Sounds weird, I know. This series follows the adventures that surround Yuuri and his new friends in this world.

What I thought about it: First of all it was way too long!! I marathoned the entire thing and it took a long while to watch it and there was no conclusive ending. That makes great fanfiction material but seriously!! There's no ending!
                                        Other than that tiny detail, I did enjoy the series. It was action packed and each episode ended with something that kept me hooked enough to continue watching the thing. It was awesome!!

Character Analysis:

-Yuuri Shibuya

  His character is very simplistic. He's naive and oblivious and he claims he's completely straight even though we all know that he's not. He has a set of morals that a set in stone and he doesn't compromise them for anything (or at least he tries not to). I really loved him from the very beginning and he never disappointed me as the series continued (unless you count his stubbornness to acknowledge Wolfram as his fiance). I'm really trying not to give any spoilers so these things are gonna be vague.

Wolfram von Bielefeld: 
 Yuuri's accidental fiance. There is probably only one thing you should know about him. He's hopelessly in love with Yuuri. Everyone can see it except Yuuri. And he has a jealous streak a mile wide. He has a fiery personality, his element is also fire, and he's supportive of Yuuri through almost everything. Of course, he masks his support by calling Yuuri a Wimp every once in a while (or all the time). I really liked him throughout the series and I kept hoping that his relationship with Yuuri would progress more and more.

Gwendal von Voltaire: 
 He's really strict and tough looking but he's a big softie inside. I adored him and his serious frown lines. These few lines are not enough to explain him, I know. But there is nothing else I can say without giving away details of the show, you know.

Conrad Weller:
 Yuuri's godfather. He's Yuuri's personal bodyguard and friend. Conrad is almost always smiling, it's really creepy sometimes because we can never tell what he's thinking. He's a cool character.

Gunter von Christ:
 He's Yuuri's tutor in all things related to the Demon Kingdom. He can be a bubblehead at times but he's amazing with the sword. He's probably the most perverted in the series (behind Murata that is).

Ken Murata aka The Great Sage:
 He is probably my favorite character from this series. He's just so wicked with his little knowing smirk. And he's manipulative and perverted. He's just awesome, got it. I love his character and he's so cute with his glasses! (ok, I admit it, I have a glasses fetish).

Okay, I think that's really all of them I can describe without ruining anything for those of you who haven't seen it yet.

Possible Pairings:
 All of them are BL again.

 I didn't include Shinou or Shouri in the character analysis because they come later in the series and are vital to the plot, so yeah.

 Conclusion: 5/5 Stars. I absolutely love this series and I intend to watch it again some day.

 Please leave any comments you have. What should I review next? Did you like Kyo Kara Maoh?

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