Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Review No. 7: Say 'I love you'

 Description: Yamato's life collides with Mei's when she kicks him down a flight of stairs. Yamato declares that he's her boyfriend after a few days of friendship. This anime depicts the rough journey of their relationship and the life lessons Mei learns as time goes on.

 What I think about it: It was fluffy and short but filled with a depth of meaning that escapes many of the different genres today. I got annoyed at the kind of monotonous content in places but for the most part I enjoyed taking in this slice of Mei's life.  If you're looking for something to look at on a rainy day, I'd definitely recommend this.

Character Analysis: For the purpose of not giving spoilers I'm going to keep this as short and simple as I can. It will also only feature the two main characters.

 Yamato- I can't remember his last name so, yeah. He is the most popular boy in school; kind and attentive to the needs of others. Mei catches his attention as soon as he meets her. I think his character was kinda cliche. On the other hand, the voice actor for him was Takahiro Sakurai, the same guy who voice Yuri Shibuya in Kyo Kara Maoh. And I love me some Yuri.

Mei- She is the most antisocial girl I've seen in anime so far. My experience is somewhat limited so........take that as you will. She was bullied as a kid and her entire class turned against  her. She believes that she doesn't need friends because people always betray each other as soon as they can no longer make use of you. Such a messed up kid.........and I can see a part of myself in that bad?

Music: Soft and soothing, the opening and ending really puts us in the mood for this anime. I really didn't notice the background music but then again, I never do.

Possible Pairings: Well, all (most) of the pairings are confirmed in this there's really nothing I can give you on this one.

Conclusion: 3.5/5 stars. I enjoyed this anime while it lasted and I don't see myself revisiting this world any time soon.

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